Custom Fundraising for Schools & Kinders.

2018 Fundraising Pack

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The Tea Towel Keepsakes team will assist you to run an enjoyable, easy, fun and profitable activity.

You can combine drawings and hand prints onto the one design. Our recommended maximum number of drawings per design is x300.

Each group can have their own personalised design.


Call us now for any assistance or send us an email and we will ensure our 2018 pack is sent to you.

Fundraising Coordinators

Congratulations on becoming a fundraising coordinator. The rewards will be amazing and greatly appreciated by your organisation, community and the children. Everyone loves to see their beautiful artwork reproduced onto our quality Tea Towels, Bags and/or Aprons.

We will reward you for your efforts by presenting you with a well earned co-ordinators gift when you receive your order.

Have a look at our short video that will give you a few tips.

Any further questions please don't hesitate to call or email.

Great Fundraising Idea for Schools and Kinders

Easy, Profitable and Fun.

Combining children's hand drawn images and handprints to a usable keepsake while
raising healthy funds for your organisation.

Design layout!

You choose which design is best for your organisation.

  • Maximum x300 drawings per design
  • Maximum x150 hand-prints per design
  • Head & shoulders only for more than x150 drawings
  • x150+ images or hand-prints per design we will type the child's name

Fundraising Price List 2018

Key Dates

Tea Towels for Christmas 

Drawings/hand-prints must be received by:

22nd October 2018

Orders to be placed by: 

19th November 2018


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