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Tea Towel Case Study: Catherine Hamlin

Posted by Lindsey on June 15, 2022

Beautiful tea towels to support a good cause

Dr Catherine Hamlin was a pioneering Australian surgeon who founded the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation, an independent charity established in Australia to raise funds for Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, in Ethiopia. The Foundation's goal is to support Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia to treat and prevent one of the most horrific childbirth injuries - obstetric fistula.

Obstetric fistula is virtually a thing of the past in Australia.  But in Ethiopia, where more than 70% of births take place without a doctor or nurse present, women can be in agonising labour for days if their birth is obstructed. They almost always lose their baby (in 93% of cases) and suffer horrific internal damage that leaves them unable to control their body waste. Often women are outcast by their family and community –  condemned to a life of shame and social isolation.

A Shop with a Cause

With support from the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation, Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia is dedicated to eradicating fistula forever and giving these women back their life and dignity. One of the ways in which Australians can support the Foundation is by purchasing the beautiful products available on their website at the Hamlin Shop - an ethical, fair trade gift shop that sells products made by artisans across Africa, from bags and shawls, to jewellery and homewares. Every product has a story – about where it came from and who you are supporting.

Every purchase helps the artisan who made it and also supports women in Ethiopia suffering with an obstetric fistula.

How we worked together

The Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation contacted Tea Towel keepsakes to commission a range of beautiful tea towels to promote their work and to help raise funds in the Hamlin Shop. The artwork featured on the tea towel at the top of the page was created by artists that have travelled to Ethiopia and witnessed firsthand the life-changing work of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. In one of the tea towel artworks (featured at the top of this page), the artist has captured the beautiful garden at the hospital - a tranquil oasis where patients convalesce and socialise in their colourful handmade Hamlin blankets.

The work of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia is only possible thanks to generous donors around the world, and those that support the Foundation. We'd love for you to head over to the Hamlin Store yourself to support their work. Please click on the button below to visit the online shop.

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