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We've showcased some gorgeous examples here of our fundraising tea towels, our beautiful wedding options, and the work we've done for business and events with merchandise and corporate gifts.

personalised gallery

Branded and personalised tea towels can be a great idea for a corporate gift, a personal present to loved ones, or a fantastic option for branded merchandise for your events, conferences and functions.
Grateful remnants tea towel.Tea towels for Catherine HamlinPackaging for clancy paine's tea towels.Tea Towels Digitally printedRowena corner store tea towelWinery Tea TowelsSnowy Valley tea towels.Thank you tea towel gift
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Other fantastic brands we've worked with to provide tea towels for events and corporate gifts
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Fundraising gallery

We've had the privilege of working with hundreds of school and kindergarten families over more than 24 years. We just love  creating these gorgeous tea towel keepsakes for them and YOU!
Fundraising with tea towel keepsakes bookletColoured-drawings-to-fundraising-teatowelsKids drawings on tea towelTea towel for school fundraiserSchool fundraising tea towels hanging on pegs.Tea towels showing colour options for schools.Tea towel with kids handprints on.Personalised fundraising tea towels
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Wedding gallery

Some of the most fun we have is creating beautiful keepsakes in the form of wedding favours, invites and gifts. These are so unique and we love seeing them printed!
Thank you message on wedding tea towelWedding invite on tea towelColoured wedding tea towelsWedding tea towel gifts.Message printed on wedding tea towelPrinted and folded wedding teatowelsPrinted custom message for wedding giftPrinted tea towel for wedding favour
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Aprons gallery

Personalised aprons make a perfect client gift, unique marketing opportunity or just a bit of fun in your family kitchen.
Natural bib apronColour options for apronsAprons folded in the kitchen with a recipe.Custom aprons for businesses
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bags gallery

We print a wide range of branded bags for businesses looking for a cute promotional gift, to kindergartens and local tourism. If you're looking for a way to stand out, this is the way to go! 
Assortment of branded bagsThank you gift bagbranded bag printed with fruit drawingsKindergarten printed bag
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Packaging gallery

Not only do we create gorgeous custom prints on tea towels, aprons and bags, but we take great care in how we present and package them too. Your order comes folded and prepared with these beautifully branded sleeves!
Packaging for Grateful Remnants tea towels.Packaging for government tea towels.Packaging for Clancy pain tea towelsPackaging for Alana Mckenzie tea towelsPersonalised label for tea towelsPackaging for the artist amanda's tea towels.Packaging for kindergarten tea towelsPackaging for clancy paine's tea towels.
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